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How to reach Daria:

      Telephone        408-859-3183
      Availability:       I will do my
best to work with your busy schedule,

       so if early morning or Saturday appointments are preferable, please

       let me know.

I hope you will contact me to discuss your organizing needs and schedule an appointment.  I abide by the NAPO Code of Ethics, which includes treating all of your personal information as confidential.

Organize This Place LLC

Serving San Jose, the Santa Clara Valley and beyond! Feel free to inquire

about your location.

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"Science is organized knowledge."                               - Herbert Spencer, English philosopher, biologist, anthropologist

"Music is organized sound."                                         - Edgard Varese, French composer

"Electricity is really just organized lightning."             - George Carlin, American comedian, satirist


                                            What could you accomplish once you become organized?

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