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Residential Organizing

What are your pain points?  Where do you need help with clutter control? The kitchen, the laundry room, the garage, your bedrooms, a spare room?  Your closets, including the freezer and the pantry? Have you postponed enjoyable projects - genealogical research, model building, scrapbooking, whatever - simply for lack of space? Do you waste money buying duplicates of tools you already own because you can't find them when you need them?

"The secret to juggling many responsibilities is organization."


                                                       - Walt Disney

Household Business Organizing

Are you drowning in piles of paper? Do you keep everything "just in case"? Yet you can't locate your grandfather's favorite chili recipe when you want it, that article on whale watching, your homeowner's insurance policy.  Do you need ideas on how to purge your paper, help to sort it, a way to file it?  Can't decide what to do first, and don't know where to start?

Home Office Organizing

Is your productivity being compromised because your home "office" is a corner of the dining room table? Are you surrounded by stacks of folders? Do you need a way to organize the invoices, the expense reports, your customer data?  Tired of suddenly finding a reminder about an important action item buried with your sales presentations or marketing collateral? 


Is it time for you, or a loved one, to simplify your life?  Sometimes that means moving to a new, smaller place. Do you just want to reduce the quantity of things owned, of items saved?  In either case, where do you start - how do you deal with the fixtures and memorabilia accumulated during a lifetime?

Organizing Assistance

You actually don't need "design" help:  you have a system in mind, you know where and how you want to set it up, but you simply don't have the time to do so. Maybe you have a remodel scheduled and need help packing and then unpacking your things?  Perhaps all you really need right now is an "extra pair of arms and legs"?


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